Diocese of Vijayapuram

β€œThe poor have much to teach us. We have much to learn from them.”
β€” St. Vincent De Paul

We Share Program is under the Vijayapuram Diocese - Kottayam, Kerala, India



Bishop Sebastian Thekethecheril is the Bishop of Vijayapuram Diocese - Shown here with Pope Francis in November, 2013.

The Vijayapuram Diocese was started by the Spanish Carmelites in 1930 from the missionary activity of St. Francis Xavier. It was started as a mission diocese to work with the untouchable and low caste Hindu converts. Because of the caste system, evangelization of the poor Hindus was not done by the early missionary efforts of the Syrian Eastern Rite Christians and they only evangelized the wealthy high caste people.

St. Francis Xavier 's mission was to help the poorest of the caste system through the Western Latin church that he brought to Asia. Therefore the Western Latin Rite church is the poorest in India.

Recorded on 9/29/2015 - The Ed Morrissey Show. Interview with Bishop Sebastian and We Share Director, Kathy Rennie
(begins at 1:03:04)

Golden Jubilee Celebration at Immaculate Heart of Mary Cathedral - 4/5/2014

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