Featured Family Needing a New House

Please read the story of our current family in need of adequate housing.

India's poor families do not have the financial means to buy or construct houses with their savings, and therefore they live in huts with mud walls and thatched roofs, or whatever other materials they can find.


Raju, 58 yrs old is a parishioner of SH Church, Amayannoor of Diocese of Vijayapuram. He is the head of four member family with wife a son and a daughter. He is a casual laborer and the only bread winner of the family. His wife Jaisamma is a chronic patient suffering from liver associated disorders. Both the children are pursuing education. This family had a small house to live in.

In the middle of last month the house they had collapsed due to heavy rain and strong wind. All of a sudden the family became homeless. Mr. Raju is incapable of constructing a home by him. He has approached us seeking help. It is a genuine case and deserves support.