History of We Share

Tribute to my mother who started the WE SHARE program

see article written about Rose Mayer:


This is a tribute to my mother (Rose Mayer) who I feel started the WE SHARE program. She was widowed at an early age and had to raise me - her only child. Even though this situation provided many challenges, she felt it important to support the Priesthood through sponsoring a Seminarian in India. This also was a way for her to have a spiritual son. So, in the 70's, she started sponsoring Fr. Sebastian Thekethecheril from Kerala, India. He became a Priest in 1980. After his Ordination, he was assigned as the Secretary to the Bishop. Then he was sent to Rome to get his Doctorate in Canon Law. After completing his education, he went back to India to become the Director of Social Service for 10 years. Then he became the Vicar General of the Diocese before Pope Benedict appointed him the Bishop of Vijayapuram Diocese on July 2, 2006.

Throughout all these years, my mother wrote to him establishing a relationship and supporting him in his vocation. He became a part of our family this way and even came to visit my mother. During these years, my family also got to know him very well. Because of the circumstances of our life of adopting two children from India and living in India for several years, we also came to know the poverty of India and especially the poorest diocese in Kerala -  Vijayapuram diocese. Because of seeing this poverty and knowing Father/Bishop Sebastian, we were led to start the WE SHARE program. But, we would like to give the credit to my mother who initiated the contact with India and sponsored a Priest. Because of these circumstances, I feel the WE SHARE program was started in a providential way.

If you are sponsoring a Seminarian, we urge you to develop a relationship with him. It will make your sponsoring time more meaningful for you and your Seminarian. And - you never know what will happen. My mother's Seminarian became a Bishop!