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Founders and President of We Share - Dave and Kathy Rennie

“Whatever you do for one of these least brothers of mine you do for me”
— Matthew 25:40

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The WE SHARE program was started in 1994 to help the Vijayapuram Diocese - the poorest Catholic Diocese in Kerala, India. It was the response of Kathy and Dave Rennie seeing the poor in India firsthand when living there.

India law denies government benefits to poor Christians. India has no welfare or food shelves. The people are dependent on the Church when they become desperate. And if they become too desperate and cannot survive on the finances they have, it is a temptation for them to revert back to Hinduism where they can receive government benefits. Poor people cannot afford medical insurance so they have to pay for all medical problems plus any medication.

Poor workers usually only get a few dollars a day. Many do coolie work which is day labor. However, many cannot work due to high unemployment, sickness or the monsoon season. The monsoon season (normally June through August) also destroys poorly built huts and homes and reduces food supplies. It is also costly for the poor children to attend school because they need to pay for books, uniforms and other fees.

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All donations to the WE SHARE program are tax deductible and 100% of the donation is sent to India

Executive Director of Social Service
Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil
VSSS, Amalanilayam
Keezhukunnu, PB. NO. 1101
Kottayam 686 002
Kerala, India
e-mail: frdennisjoseph@yahoo.co.in

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Vice-President and Secretary of We Share
Luke & Amanda Rennie & Family

Website Designer of We Share
Mike Rennie & Family