A family can be sponsored for $100.00 a year (27 cents a day). A referral and picture will be sent to you. The poor family will write to you and you can write back. They will also offer their love and prayers for you. The more you communicate with your family, the more meaningful your sponsorship will be. You can share about your family and especially your faith life. Yours may be the only letter they ever receive. Let us see them as our brothers and sisters across the globe.

You can always send more money to them if you are would like to do so. They cannot ask you for money in their letters but sometimes you can read through the lines about their desperate needs. It is known to them that  they should only receive assistance for 7 years if needed so they do not become dependent however, some family situations will require a longer sponsorship. After a family becomes self sufficient, then another family will be assigned to you.


Thomas Joy is only bread winner of the family. He is a casual laborer. His family consists of five members, his mother, wife and his two daughters. They have two cents of land and an unfinished house. His children are studying. FRist one is in tenth standard and second one is in eighth standard.

Rositta’s family consists of her three children. Her husband left her and
now she lives in her mother’s house. She is earning the income by doing
coolie work. She has 5 cents of land and no house. Her daughter is studying
in 3rd standard, her first son is studying in 3rd and her third son is in Play school.

John is the head of the family. His wife goes for casual labour. Maintenance works
of the house are to be done and the house has no doors and windows.

Bindhu is the only bread winner of the family. She is a widow. Her husband died due to plague. Her family consists of her two children and parents of her husband. Her father in-law is paralyzed and bedridden and mother in-law is mentally sick. Her daughter is studying for + 1 and her son is studying in +7th standard. They have six cents of land and an unfinished house.