Welcome to the We Share Program

The WE SHARE program was started in 1994 to help the Vijayapuram Diocese - the poorest Catholic Diocese in Kerala, India.

One of the most sizable problems surrounding poverty in third-world countries is the lack of clean, safe and sturdy homes. Communities with little to no housing can cause an abundance of other problems such as unsanitary facilities, streets and a lack of clean water. Please consider supporting the We Share Program to provide a home for those who are unable to provide basic shelter for themselves and their families.

Featured Family Needing a New House

Please read the story of our current family in need of adequate housing. India's poor families do not have the financial means to buy or construct houses with their savings, and therefore they live in huts with mud walls and thatched roofs, or whatever other materials they can find.

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Houses Presently Being Built or Replaced

Thanks to you, these new houses are currently being built for families who either lived in a shed or hut or don't have a house of their own.

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Families with New Houses

These recently constructed homes are life changing moments for our families in need. They would like to express their gratitude.

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