Dear all my sponsors,

I am Albert Jose, me and my family belong to Maramon Parish. We did not have a  good house to live in. I have two children. My eldest daughter studies in 10thstandard and my youngest son studies in 7th standard. Due to the problems of  my back injury , I am not able to go for any work. My family survives by the wages of my wife, who works as a house maid. A decent house for me seems a distant dream. But Vijayapuram Social Service Society was kind enough to came to  help me to realize my dream. Me and my family are indebted to the society and the sponsors. Life in the new house gives me joy and comfort. My children have started to go to school. My two brothers live nearby. They too join me to thank you. Please pray for me and my family. We will also remember you in our prayers.

With much gratitude and prayer

Albert Joseph.