Dear sponsors, Pam&Dunne Kunkel, Chris and Lymme Mayer, Gina and Grey Cibuzas, Cei Cooley, Bob Devereaux, Sue Brook Taney, Karen Schloemer, Ceci and Joe Sabol,6th grade All Saints Academy, Barb Dugan etc.

 My house was very old and uninhabitable. I wanted to build a good house but couldn’t build it due to financial difficulties. In this situation, you have accepted my request for a house and you have shown your willingness to help financially to build the house.  I know you helped me by putting aside your essentials. My family and I pray that God bless you and your families. The happiness we share now is only because of WESHARE.  May God bless you in all your endeavors. Once again thank you all from with bottom of my heart. with prayers,

Andrews and family.