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Mariamma & Family

Mariamma is the head of the family. She belongs to Holy Cross Church Vaisyambhagam in the Diocese of Vijayapuram. Her husband Clarence was a cancer patient and he died in 2010. At present her family consists of five members including herself. The eldest son got married and he has one daughter. By seeing their pathetic life situation Bishop Peter Thuruthikkonam helped them to build a house. Unfortunately the house collapsed partially in the flood that took place in 2018. The floor and walls also were broken. They were living in the partially ruined house for one year. But in 2019 also they were affected by heavy rain and flood and their house collapsed totally. The house can no longer be used lawfully as a residence.  Now they are staying in their relative’s house. They have land but no house. The parish priest has taken initiative and he himself will help the family.

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Chacko & Family

Chacko (Biju Matthew) is the head of the family. He belongs to Mt. Carmel Church Perumpetty in Vijayapuram Diocese.    His family consists of his wife, 2 children and himself. The Eldest daughter is studying in 6th standard. Second one son is in 1st standard. They are living in a rented house. Recently, by the grace of God, they could buy 3 cents of land, then started construction and reached the wall level with his own effort.  It is his ardent desire  to complete the construction.  But he cannot go ahead due to financial reasons . He asks our help to complete it.

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Sunny & Family

Sunny is the head of the family.  He is the parishioner of  St. Joseph’s Church Propose in Vijayapuram Diocese. He  is a casual worker. His family consists of his wife, 3 children and himself. His wife is a housewife.  His elder son is studying In 8th standard . Second son is in 7th and the last one son is in 1st standard .   He doesn’t have a good house. This shed is not good for living. His children are studying nicely.  He is not able to build a new house  without anybody’s help.  He is asking our help to build a new house.

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Vela Vanaswamy & Family

I am Vela Vanaswamy. Myself and my family are very grateful to you . We can’t forget this blessing . Because, we lived many years in a hut. We felt very difficult to manage our small children In the hut. They haven’t convenient place for study and all.

In this miserable situation , VSSS Director Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil approved my house application . Hence I started the construction soon. Through your help I could construct my house . While the construction going on ,I submitted each stages of construction photos to the Director. Our house construction is completed. Now we have a good house with all the conveniences. My dream was fulfilled. Myself and my family are grateful to you for this grate gift. May the good God grand you great reward. May God allow you , to help many poor people in our Diocese , like me.

With Much gratitude

Vela vanaswamy and family.

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Sheeba & Family

Sheeba is a widow from Andoor parish. Her husband was demise 8 years back due to jyondilism. After her husband’s death she came back to her own parents. Now she is living with her parents. Here in a small house there are her parents, father’s 2 brothers who are unmarried and her own brother’s family.
These 2 brothers of her father are mental patients. They are not married. Their house is not good for living together. Her 3 children are doing schooling. They are in 8th , 6th and 5thstandard students. Her brother has wife and 3 children in the same small house.(another brother and family are living near by)
She is going to a hotel for making Chappathy. This is the only earning for her children’s study and their lively hood expenses. Her father is willing to give 3 cents of land for her house construction. She finds very difficult to live with this big family of 13 members . If we give her a house it is very blessing for her life. We present this for Mary Sherman’s kind consideration.

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Sajan Family

Thomas Chacko (Sajan) is the head of the family. He is suffering from heart attack, not able to go for work.
Jancy Sajan his wife is also seriously suffering from different sicknesses, not able to go for work. His son Alen is 15 years old, suffering from cerebral palsy, not able to walk. Second son Semil-13 years old is suffering with the same cerebral palsy and not able to walk.They were living in a small house on a hill which has no documents. It was not easy for them to take the children to the hospital for the vehicle (taxi) cannot reach near to the house

One prayer group people bought 5 cents of land for them and with the help of many good people started to build a good house They spent almost Rs.1000000 (around 13975 US Dollar). Now they ask our help. still it needs Rs.350000 (3895 US Dollar)to finish plastering flooring plumping wiring doors windows etc.Shall we join together to finish this.

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Nisha Shaiju & Family

I, Nisha Shaiju would like to express my gratitude through these words .

My husband died 7 years ago and we are staying alone with the help and support of my husband’s family, we could survive a little, but surviving for the future was a big question before us. But, at the same time, the only asset we had was 10 cent land. We prayed a lot for a house. At that time VSSS Director Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph decided to help me through We Share Housing. The director approved my application and helped me to build a dream home, by your financial help. With your kind hearted support my dream has come true.  Now my sweet little home is constructed with your support and prayer.

Myself and my family are very happy and grateful to you. We always remember you and your family in our prayers. Our prayer for you is the token of our acknowledgment.

With much love and gratitude,

Nisha  Shaiju

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Saju Paulose & Family

Dear Mark,

Hope you are keeping fine. What about your families, are all fine? Convey our loving regards to each one . We are praying for your good health in our daily prayer.

I am Saju Paulose, belongs to Kattampack  Church in Vijayapuram Diocese. I am a patient, having medicines regularly. My family consists of  my wife, 2 daughters and myself. My wife is a house maiden. My children are studying in 2nd & 3rd standards. We did  not have a safe house. In  many years we lived  in a small shed.

We are very grateful to you for  the  help to build a new house. Now we have a good  house. You gave me money through VSSS Director, for the construction of my house. We have completed the construction of our house.

We are grateful to you for your good and kind heart. May God bless you for your works of Mercy. We assure our sincere prayers for you all. We are furnishing here with the photograph of our new  house.

With  prayerful wishes

Saju Paulose & family
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Mary Chacko & Children

Dear Mary

How are you? Hope you are keeping fine. What about your family members? Please convey our loving regards to each one. I am Mary Chacko . I am very glad to say you about our gratitude. Now we got a good and beautiful house. We have send a request asking for help to build a new house. My application was approved and I have got money through VSSS for the construction of new house. We finished our house construction . Our dreams have been fulfilled. we sincerely thank you for all the help that you have provided. May the good God bless you abundantly . May God grant you courage to help many poor people .

With much love and prayers

Mary Chacko & children.

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Santhi Francis & Family

Dear Sponsors,

May I take this time to thank you for your generous assistance for construction of my house. I was really disheartened at the inability to construct a house for our family. My house was in a dilapidated condition. I could not afford to spare any amount from the sundry cooly works I have. I was literally striving hard to meet the expenses of my family. It was at that critical stage that you included me in the housing scheme of Vijayapuram Social Service Society.

Dear Father, I do not have words to express our gratitude to you. Only what we can do is to pray for you. You will be strengthened to do more and more good to people of our strata. May many more families experience your love and concern and support.

We extend our sincere love and gratitude to Vijayapuram Social Service Society and the Bishop of our Diocese . We will surely remember you in our daily prayers.

Thanking you from the bottom of our heart.

Santhi Francis

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