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Seli & Thankachan

Dear Maxine A Hearn,

With gratitude in our hearts, we write this letter. The torrential downpour absolutely damaged our house. We prayed to God for assistance because we were in great difficulty and lacked the funds to reconstruct the house. God heard our petition, and Weshare provided support. We won’t ever forget your invaluable assistance. We have a lovely house now. Blessings to you and your loved ones. I’m praying that God would bless all of your efforts.

With lots of love and gratitude

Seli & Thankachan.

Seli & Thankachan2023-12-01T12:36:35+00:00

Andrews Kanjirappara

Dear sponsors, Pam&Dunne Kunkel, Chris and Lymme Mayer, Gina and Grey Cibuzas, Cei Cooley, Bob Devereaux, Sue Brook Taney, Karen Schloemer, Ceci and Joe Sabol,6th grade All Saints Academy, Barb Dugan etc.

 My house was very old and uninhabitable. I wanted to build a good house but couldn’t build it due to financial difficulties. In this situation, you have accepted my request for a house and you have shown your willingness to help financially to build the house.  I know you helped me by putting aside your essentials. My family and I pray that God bless you and your families. The happiness we share now is only because of WESHARE.  May God bless you in all your endeavors. Once again thank you all from with bottom of my heart. with prayers,

Andrews and family.

Andrews Kanjirappara2023-11-20T21:58:35+00:00

Aleyamma Lukose

My name is Aleyamma Lukose. Hope you are all fine. This letter is meant to convey our deep gratitude. We first give thanks to God for all the blessings we have received.  We were residing on the edge of a river in a run-down home.  Our house is significantly impacted by constant flooding. Our home also sustained significant damage during the 2020 flood. We were in desperate need of a new home. We sincerely appreciate your approval of our request and your provision of funding for a new home. My granddaughter, my daughter-in-law, and I currently reside in a fearless environment. We give thanks to you and to God. I’m praying for you too, may God provide you health and a long life. I’m praying for God to bless all of your endeavors. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

 Thank you once again and with prayers.

Aleyamma Lukose, Simi, and Anika.

Aleyamma Lukose2023-11-20T21:53:32+00:00

Saramma Sunny

Dear Sponsors, Bob Devereaux, Sue & Mike Wood, Bernadette, Amy Garret, etc.

Let me start by expressing my gratitude for your assistance with the building of my house. My kids and I have been living in a hut for a long time. Years ago, my spouse departed for an eternal reward. Having a good home to raise my kids in was something I had always wanted. Your intervention made this dream come true. I sincerely appreciate this lovely present from you. God bless every one of you.

With lots of love and blessings,

Saramma Sunny and family.

Saramma Sunny2023-11-20T22:11:55+00:00

Peter Joseph

Dear Deb & Tom street land, Sharon Probonich, John & Jean, M C Nally etc.,

My name is  Peter Joseph. We could complete the construction of our house with your financial and spiritual assistance. We sincerely appreciate you. We could complete the house the way we had wanted. Having a respectable home was something we had always dreamed about. Every day as we pray, we shall keep you in mind. I am deeply grateful for your invaluable assistance.

With much love and prayers,

Peter Joseph and family

Peter Joseph2023-11-20T22:07:00+00:00

Thankamma George

Dear sponsors who built my house,

I am Thankamma George. I was a homeless person for a long time. But God has blessed me with a beautiful house. It is no less than a blessing from the Lord that I got such a beautiful house.  I take this opportunity of thanking you all from the bottom of my heart for this great gift. I also want to thank Fr. Augustine, the Director of VSSS, Mrs. Kathy, and all the We Share family members who were sympathetic and took my request under consideration.

Thank you

Thankamma and Grandchildren (Rohan & Rikhin)

Thankamma George2023-02-19T19:52:56+00:00

Rosamma Paulose

Dear Mary Sherman,

I am Rosamma Paulose. I am writing this letter to thank you for the great help you have done for me. I was homeless and was living in a hut for a long time.   My husband left us for eternal life 15 years ago. Then my two children and I are alone now. The eldest son is a disabled child. The second child, though young, goes for casual work to feed the family and cater to their daily needs. It was our dream to have a permanent and decent house. Seeing our pathetic situation, you came to help us through the We Share program. Thank you for your donation and your association with our cause. And I also take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God because he has done great things for us.

With much love & prayers

Rosamma Paulose and family.

Rosamma Paulose2023-02-19T19:48:46+00:00

Lily Mathai

Lilly Mathai is a widow with 2 children. She belongs to St. Paul’s Church Vettimukal in Vijayapuram Diocese. Seventeen years ago, her husband Mathai died in a heart attack. After that, her life became very miserable looking after her small children. She managed their livelihood with the help of her sister in -law (Late Sr. Deepthi). Her husband’s relatives also died. For the purpose of her daughter’s Nursing education, she felt pressured to take out a loan. Now they are living in a rented house. Recently, she bought a small house plot, 4 cents land. They have a great desire to build a small house for their dwelling. But with this conclusion, she is not able to afford the cost. So, she requested our help to build a house.

Lily Mathai2023-02-19T19:38:40+00:00

Shaini Binoy

Shaini belongs to St. Mary’s Church Nattasserry in Vijayapuram Diocese. Her husband Binoy is doing labor work(Sick person). They haven’t children. They are living in a joint family. There are 3 families living together in a small house. They are in a temporary shed( single room) that was extended to this small house. They are suffering from this way of living. And they are in great desire to build a new house. But her husband doesn’t get enough jobs due to his illness. He is under treatment for back pain and allergy. Shaini is doing a small job in  Fatima Matha Physiotherapy centre. They are not able to build a new house. They are asking for our help to build a house.

Shaini Binoy2022-04-03T18:26:52+00:00


Dear Bob Devereaux, Pat & Tina Warnet, John Jean M c Nally and Tamara Nickoloff,

My name is Joshy.  I had a serious accident that prevented me from working for a few years. It was the period when our house was being built. Even though the construction has begun, we were unable to continue because of financial constraints. In this case, I asked for your assistance to finish my house. By the grace of God, you granted our request right away.   My house would never have been finished without your assistance. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to assist and treating my family and I like we are members of your own family. God bless you everyone, I pray. My family and I will pray for you always. With lots of love and prayer,

Joshy & family.

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