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Margaret Mary

Margaret Mary is a 30 years old widow of Chinnakanal parish in the Munnar region of the Diocese of Vijayapuram. Her family consists of two daughters and a mother. The eldest daughter  Niranjana is studying in 6th standard and the second daughter is studying in 2nd standard. Both are studying at Fathima Matha School at Chinnakannal. Her mother is also staying with her and she is a 50 years old sick woman. Margaret is going through a difficult situation. Her husband died last year due to a heart attack.    She is the only breadwinner of the family. She is an estate laborer who is getting a very low income. She has four cents of land with a partially completed house on it. She strives hard to make both ends meet.

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Sibi Mathew

Sibi Mathew Palliparambil is a member of St. Joseph Parish, Enthayar, in Vijayapuram Diocese.  His family consists of a wife and two children. The eldest one is pursuing graduation and the youngest one is in 10th standard. His house was severely damaged in the torrential rain that lashed the state last year.  Siby and his kin were shifted to a relief camp after water entered their residence. When they returned home they were heartbroken to find their house in a damaged state. Since the house became uninhabitable, they are living in a rented house.  A flood caused significant damages to their house and household properties. Being they are living in a rented house, they are unable to meet the expenses of house and education of children, so they are finding it difficult to renovate the house with their meager income.  So they are seeking help from VSSS to renovate their house.

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Rosamma Mathew

Rosamma Mathew belongs to St. Thomas Church Vechoochira in Vijayapuram Diocese.  She is working as an Animator in VSSS. Her family consists of her husband and 2 children. Her husband is a rubber-tapping employee. They have 2 children. Their eldest son completed an engineering course and their daughter completed BSC nursing. But both the children are jobless and seeking a good job.  Now they are living on an estate line. Recently they bought 10 cents of land and started the basement. They have a great desire to build a good, new house. But they don’t have enough sources of income. She is asking for financial assistance to build a new house.

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Rachel Jacob

Rachel Jacob is a member of St.Joseph Parish in Vijayapuram Diocese. Due to the non-payment of bank loan during the floods of 2018 Kottayam Cooperative Bank confiscated her house. Her sick husband and she lives in a rented house.  They have two daughters.  The eldest daughter, with her husband and two children, has been in their house since October 13th.  Her daughter’s husband had an iron fall on his head while moving the rod while on duty and had bleeding inside his head. He has been with them for a month after undergoing surgery at the Medical College Hospital. Her daughter also cannot go to work as her son-in-law needs someone always as a bystander to take care of him. Again tragedy hit her family as her husband fell from the top of a three-story building during painting work in 2010.  He was lying with a broken neck, waist, legs, and arms.  At that time he was caught with a heart attack and  Angioplasty was done.  He was unable to do any work.

She has also been serving as an active political representative since 2010. Now she is a Panchayat Member ( Elected representative of the Local Self Government). At present, she is living in a rented house. She needs to spend all her income on rent, expenses, and medicines.  She has found a plot of four and a half cents which she is interested in buying. She has money to buy the plot but to build the house she needs our help. At present all six of the family members are living in a rented house together.  Even they have no fulfillment for foods and medicines. Being a representative of the people, she hid all her sorrows in front of the people, loved the people, and worked for their hopes, upliftment, and development of the community, meanwhile she also lost a total of 5 cents of land and house.  She could not achieve anything. She is also a member of the parish committee of her parish and works in all other areas.  She has been actively working in the field of women empowerment in Vijayapuram diocese since 1996.

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Celin Rajan

Celin Rajan belongs to St. Antony’s Church, K Chappath in Vijayapuram Diocese. Her family consists of 2 children and herself. Her husband left home eight years ago. Now she is living with her children.  Her son Jobin completed T T C (Teachers Training Course). Her daughter Joswini completed her graduation. Celin is suffering from different kinds of health issues. She was in the hospital for two months due to low sodium levels and was discharged recently. She has five cents of the land but no house. She has just started building but cannot go further because of financial problems.  She is asking for our help.

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Devasia Joy

Devasia Joy belongs to St. Boniface Church Pattithanam in Vijayapuram Diocese.  Financially, his family is very poor. His wife Bincy is a housewife. They have 3 children. Eldest son Jibith is a 2 nd year student in I T I. Jiya, their daughter is in 10th standard. And the youngest son Jithu is studying in 9th standard. They have been living in a rented house for many years. Recently they purchased 3 cents of land.  Joy is the only earning member of the family. It is their desire to build a house but financial constraints block them from going ahead.

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James Joseph

James belongs to St. Mary’s Church, Thellakom, Vijayapuram diocese. His family consists of his wife Annamma Joseph, his son Jithin James and a daughter Jeena James who is married. Financially his family is very poor. Mr. James is a daily wage laborer and his son Jibin James is a painter who could only complete his studies till the 11th due to his family situation. They are the sole breadwinners of the family who are struggling to meet with their meager income and his wife is a psychiatric patient who always needs a bystander to look after her. Moreover, James has played the keyboard in St. Mary’s Church for the past 50 years. Due to the Covid crisis, even his income from programs of social ceremonies was cut off. He possesses 3 scents of land and a small house. His house was almost destroyed during a storm in 2006 and during 2018 flood flooded the house and the floor was demolished. It is not in a condition of maintenance. He has a great desire to build a new house. But they don’t have a permanent source of income so he is asking for financial assistance to build a new house.

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Kochurani belongs to Little Flower Church Elikulam in Vijayapuram Diocese. Her family consists of her husband and 4 children. Her husband is suffering from degenerative disk disease.  Kochurani also had a stroke last year and she is also suffering from various health problems. Their daughter Anumol completed her Nursing Assistant Course and is seeking a good job. The second daughter Aniemol is doing her degree course. Albin & Aghimol are twins. Albin is studying ITA & Aghimol is doing an Assistant Nursing Course. They have 3 cents of land with an unfinished house on it. Due to the financial crisis, they find it difficult to manage children’s educational expenses and complete their house.



Omana belongs to St. Xavier’s Church Kanjirappara in Vijayapuram Diocese. Her family consists of 2 daughters and herself.  Her husband left them 6 years ago.  Omana, a forty-seven-year-old woman, lost her vision recently and she is under treatment. Her eldest daughter Anumol completed B.com 2 years back. But financial constraints block her from taking further steps in higher studies. Now she applies bridal makeup.  Despite the hardship, the family led a church-centered life. Anumol is a  leader of the Catholic Youth Movement. The youngest daughter is in 10th standard. Omana with her two daughters has been living in a rented house but the house owner forced her to leave the house as she is unable to pay the rent. They have five cents of the land but no money to build a house. Now they are seeking our help to build a house.


Roy Chengalam

I am Roy,  a beneficiary of the We-share housing project.  I am extremely thankful for your support and help. It was very difficult to live in such a place when we were affected by floods. When we shared our problems and difficulties with the VSSS Director, he understood our pathetic condition and he agreed to help us, to build a new house with your financial support. Now, we have completed the construction of the new house.

Our family is very thankful for all your help and support. We sincerely thank you and your family members. May the Almighty shower all the blessings upon you.  We will always pray for you

With much gratitude and prayer

Roy & Family

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