I am Brigith Ansal a widow formerly residing at Manarkad in a rented house. My husband died 10 years ago. We had been living in rented house for years and we could not even dream of living in a house owned by us. With the intervention of VSSS, God sent WE SHARE sponsors to assist me to purchase a small plot with a house on it for us. Our present house is in the jurisdiction of St. Mary’s parish, Thellakom. Now I am living happily with my son, two daughters in law and 6 grand children. We all are grateful to you for the immense help given to us. Our hearts throb with ineffable gratitude and everyday in our prayers. We remember you and pray to Almighty God to shower abundant grace to all the members of your family.

Two years back my eldest son passed away. His wife is working as an office assistant in one of the schools and three children are residing along with me. These children are doing well in their studies. The eldest son Godwin got exemplary results in secondary and higher secondary examinations and now attending coaching classes for Entrance Examination. My younger son, his wife and three children are also with me. His children are also faring well in their studies. This son met with an accident two years back and even now he is moving with steel plate in his leg. In spite of all these mishaps we are happy with the blessings we receive and once again I thank you and your family members for the generous help extended to us

With prayerful wishes

Brigit Ancel and family members.