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Sunil Antony & Family

Dear Sponsors,

I am Sunil Antony from Edamon Parish in Vijayapuram Diocese. Myself and my family are very happy and grateful to you. Now we are safe from your help through VSSS Director. My house was not good for living and was like a hut.  But, now that the house construction is completed, it is very good and all my desires are fulfilled. My wife, children and myself are thanking God and praying for you every day. Our prayer for you, will never end.

Both my children are studying.  This year my elder son won 79 percent of marks in SSLC Exam. My girl child is in 7th standard. All are afraid of  Covid 19. We can pray to the Heavenly Father for the world’s  recovery from the disease.

With much love and prayers,

Sunil Antony & Family.

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Mini Joshi & Family

Dear Sponsors,

After my husband’s demise,  I suffered much.  My children are studying  well.
With the help of  few people, we could buy 4 cents of land. Me and my children wanted to build a house in it. Now our desire has been achieved.  We built a good house from your help through VSSS . Special thanks to you and also VSSS Director for all the support for my family. Myself and my children are very happy and proud  to have a home as our own. May God shower His blessings to all of you who have helped in our suffering.

With much love and gratitude,

Mini Joshi and children.

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Devasia Raju & Family

Dear Sponsors,

I, Devasya Raju convey my thanks in the name of my family and myself for giving us a place to live in.Here my wife Biji and my children Albin, Ashik and Anton are doing well.  My wife sells nightdress and underskirts. Our two children are going to school and the youngest one Anton is going to Anganwadi now.  Anton has a checkup every month. Here our climate has been changed, now it is too hot here.
We had been working hard for years to own a house and VSSS has fulfilled our dream. We got a house with two rooms, one hall, kitchen, sit out and a bathroom with  electricity connection. Everybody gathered together for our house warming and Fr. Stephen Puthuparambil blessed our house with holy water. Moving from a rented house to own house was the happiest moment in my life. I thank each and everybody who helped us. We will always remember you all in our daily prayers.

With much love and gratitude
Devasia Raju and family

Devasia Raju & Family2020-12-29T00:07:35+00:00

Joseph Samuel & Family

Dear sponsors,

I, Joseph Samuel, the parishioner of St. Mary’s Church Marayoor, like to express my heartfelt thanks you all through this letter. Through the We Share housing project initiated by Vijayapuram Diocese, many of the poor families who live amidst rich families could be proud to have a decent house of their own. I am really proud of the many social works taken up by the social service society.

During last monsoon my house was washed away by the heavy wind and torrent rain.  Our family was in great distress. Our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Jose Kaithakuzhybrought to the attention of Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph, the Executive Director. He readily promised to support me to put up a new house.  I submitted an application. I was inducted to the Housing Scheme with the support of the We Share Program, and granted us the needed  money.

Now I am happy and thankful to you for the support you had given for construction. I have completed my house and our entire family is happy and thankful. My family pray and wish that you are blessed by the Divine Judge and you will be accepted in the Divine house of God, the Heaven. Please remember our family too in your prayers. We will always remember you, especially at our prayer time.

Thanking you with love                                                                                                                    

Joseph Samuel.

Joseph Samuel & Family2020-12-29T00:05:29+00:00

Johnson & Aniyamma

Dear sponsors,

We, Johnson and Aniyamma, want to take a moment to thank you for your generous support to buy  a plot of land with a house. It is really comforting to our family to know that we are surrounded with such caring people. Thank you so much. Your love and support and encouragement are appreciated more than you recognize it. Thank you for being so understanding regarding the problems of our family. I am sure that you will be pleased by the end result in the form of a photograph.

We executed the deed of the property on 30th January 2020. We had the housewarming on 2nd February. In the morning we offered a thanksgiving Holy Mass. We prayed very specially for you. At 4 pm the house was blessed dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Tom Jose. The house is named “Rose House” (In the loving remembrance of the great personality of ROSE MAYER).

This was a day when we experience the love and concern of a band of people, Prof.Pushkaladevi, the Panchayat President who handed over the key, the members of People’s Development Committee of the Parish and parishioners. We remain folded –handed before the Lord Almighty, the Benefactors and friends. We assure our prayers for our benefactors .

With much love and gratitude

Johnson and Aniyamma.

Johnson & Aniyamma2020-12-29T00:03:19+00:00

Jaymon & Family

My dear sponsors,

I write this letter with great love and gratefulness. You have helped me in a very difficult time. Firstly I ‘d like to thank the Almighty God. Mine is a big family that consists of my Mother , sister ,wife and children. My house is situated in the lower areas of Kumarakom Village. During the time of rain, my house is flooded. I suffered a lot since I did not own a house with higher built floor.  Flood was a nightmare for us.

On seeing our situation, Vijayapuram Social Service Society  came forward to help us and with your  support have built us a beautiful house. This is a big relief  for my family. You have provided a great service for us through the society and on behalf of the society, my family and myself I want to thank you.  I pray that God may bless you  with long life and health, and may you continue your good works for the lifting up of the poor.

Thanking you,

Jaymon & family

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Albert Joseph & Family

Dear all my sponsors,

I am Albert Jose, me and my family belong to Maramon Parish. We did not have a  good house to live in. I have two children. My eldest daughter studies in 10thstandard and my youngest son studies in 7th standard. Due to the problems of  my back injury , I am not able to go for any work. My family survives by the wages of my wife, who works as a house maid. A decent house for me seems a distant dream. But Vijayapuram Social Service Society was kind enough to came to  help me to realize my dream. Me and my family are indebted to the society and the sponsors. Life in the new house gives me joy and comfort. My children have started to go to school. My two brothers live nearby. They too join me to thank you. Please pray for me and my family. We will also remember you in our prayers.

With much gratitude and prayer

Albert Joseph.

Albert Joseph & Family2020-12-28T23:59:17+00:00

Brigit Ancel & Family

I am Brigith Ansal a widow formerly residing at Manarkad in a rented house. My husband died 10 years ago. We had been living in rented house for years and we could not even dream of living in a house owned by us. With the intervention of VSSS, God sent WE SHARE sponsors to assist me to purchase a small plot with a house on it for us. Our present house is in the jurisdiction of St. Mary’s parish, Thellakom. Now I am living happily with my son, two daughters in law and 6 grand children. We all are grateful to you for the immense help given to us. Our hearts throb with ineffable gratitude and everyday in our prayers. We remember you and pray to Almighty God to shower abundant grace to all the members of your family.

Two years back my eldest son passed away. His wife is working as an office assistant in one of the schools and three children are residing along with me. These children are doing well in their studies. The eldest son Godwin got exemplary results in secondary and higher secondary examinations and now attending coaching classes for Entrance Examination. My younger son, his wife and three children are also with me. His children are also faring well in their studies. This son met with an accident two years back and even now he is moving with steel plate in his leg. In spite of all these mishaps we are happy with the blessings we receive and once again I thank you and your family members for the generous help extended to us

With prayerful wishes

Brigit Ancel and family members.

Brigit Ancel & Family2020-12-28T23:57:47+00:00

M S Mathai & Daughter

Dear Sponsors,

I am MS Mathai. I am very glad to write this letter, with a grateful heart for extending your great help towards my family with a beautiful house. Our old house was made of mud, and inconvenience for live in. The treatment expenses of my wife and study expenses of my daughter were very difficult to meet myself alone. So I could not able to build a good house. In this situation VSSS Director Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil said he would help me through the We Share program. After that you helped me to build a good house. While the construction was going on ,my beloved wife Annamma( Seline) demise from us for the eternal reward. We are missing her presence, lot from the family. In this condition, our parish priest Rev. Fr. Antony Pattaparambil has taken the initiative and responsibility to complete the construction with his guidance.

We are very grateful to you all for granting us a beautiful house with all the facilities. It has accomplished only through your generosity and the grate hand of God. So we will remember you in our daily prayers and we assure you our humble prayers. We pray and wish you that may the good God strengthen your good heart and hands to extent many more people those who are in need of your help and service.

With much love& gratitude

M S Mathai & daughter Elizabeth(Mahima)

M S Mathai & Daughter2020-12-28T23:55:49+00:00

Alexander & Family

My Dearest Sponsors,

I am Alexander. My family consists of my wife and a daughter. Daughter Aleena is in 10th standard. I am a patient and having medicines continually. Because of my ill health, I find difficulty to earn money for livelihood and medicine. And I didn’t have a proper house and I was unable to build a good house. I happened to meet vsss Director and I submitted my helplessness to him and I express my desire to have a good house. Out of your generosity you granted a project to build a house for me, though there were many other necessities, in spite of that, you could grant me a good house. I believe that God will grand a great reward to you all. Really I am very grateful to you and I express my gratitude from my heart and I assure you my humble prayers to you all.

Alexander &family

Alexander & Family2020-12-28T23:53:43+00:00
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