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Sijumon Francis & Family

Dear Sponsors,

I express my heartfelt gratitude for the immense help received from the we share benefactors  through Vijayapuram Social  Service Society. I am an autorickshow driver in Munnar town and the only bread winner of the family. My family consists of five members;  myself, my wife, two daughters and a son. All my children are  pursuing education. We had a small house which was in a dilapidated state. It had no much space for doing self studies by my children or conducting prayer meeting  of small Christian communities. I had no scope to rebuild a new house with my own resources. Therefore I resorted to seek help of good hearted people.

I was fortunate to complete the construction of the house sanctioned. Now my family lives in the new house with pride and pleasure. Children are having adequate space to do their studies without any disturbance. Monthly prayer meeting of the family unit can be held in my house because there is a spacious hall in the new house. I have no words to express my gratitude. Every day we all remember the benefactors in our family prayer.

With great gratitude and prayer

Sijumon Francis and family.

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Shaji P Y & Family

Dear Loving Sponsors,

How are you? Hope you are keeping fine. We are very eager to know your news. What is the present season there? Here we have monsoon season with heavy rain and flood. The school is re-opened and both our children go to school.

We have completed the construction of our house. We thank you very much for your love, concern and support, without which our dream of a house would not have been realized. We assure our sincere prayers for you and we would remember every day in our family prayers and Holy Mass. We request you to remember us in your prayers.

We are furnishing here with the photograph of our new house. From the bottom of our heart we once again thank you for your love and concern for us and for the financial support you have extended to us.

With much love and prayers

Shaji p y & Family

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Dhassamma Vishal & Family

Dear We Share family,

Thank you very much for your help for our family to have a wonderful house above my dreams. We are so sad because our Vishal is not with us to share this blessing. I am sure that he will be happy at heaven to know that his wife and children are safe in a good house which was his life long dream but not fulfilled in his life time.
We thank all of you who contributed to my house.

Our family consisted of my husband, myself and two children While our house construction was going on, my husband got seriously ill and admitted in a hospital. For three weeks the construction works were stopped. When he returned from the hospital the construction resumed again. But all of a sudden my husband’s condition became worse and he succumbed to death. His death was a great shock for all of us and we took nearly a month to recover from this loss. The construction work commenced again with the help of our parish priest and we are able to finish it.  Now we could live in the new house. We are happy and think of your help with immense gratitude

My two children Alvin Vishal and Asnamol Vishal are school going children and the elder one is in 10th standard and younger one in 5th standard. Schools have reopened in June. They are studying well. My mother is with me after the demise of my husband. We remember you in our daily prayer Please do remember us also in your prayer. We are grateful to you for all the help.

With much love and prayer,

Dhasamma Vishal

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P V Sebastian & Family

Dear We share family,

How are you ? Hope you are keeping fine. What about your family. Are you all keeping fine? I am writing this letter with much love and gratitude. Because  my life situation  is very poor. We didn’t  have a good house. Every day we prayed for a good house. I could not make a house alone. I can’t do any work regularly because of my health problem. Now with your help I could make a good house. It is the ever memorable event for us. We are praying for you every day in our daily prayer. Now myself and my family members are  very happy. Specially we are thanking to God for you. May the God bless  you  all   abundantly. We all are keeping fine. We are actively participating all the programs in our parish. Now we have much conveniences in this house. We can conduct here  family unit prayer nicely. For all the goodness myself and my family are thanking you. We will pray for you every day. May the CHILD JESUS  bless you all.

With much love and prayers.
P V Sebastian and family.

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Thomas & Family

Dear Loving Sponsors,

Hope you & your family members are keeping fine. Myself and my family members are keeping fine. What is the climate there? Winter is starting here.

My family consists of my wife and our daughter. She is studying in +1. We have not a good house till now. Besides My daughter has no convenient place for the study. Our Good God gave reply for our prayer. Now we got a good and beautiful house. Our daughter’s friends was likes to come home. But she didn’t allow them because of the bad house. She is very happy to invite them all in this new house.

My wife’s house, they are 4 daughter’s. Three of them have good house. My house only was in bad condition. So my wife also is very happy.

While our parish priest came for blessing our house it was very bad . Our vicar specially prayed for a good house .

New house warming is on 27th of November. Myself and family members are very grateful to you . We will pray for you in our daily prayer. May the good God grant you all the goodness throughout your life. We will offer you & your family to the Lord for His blessing.s

With much love and prayers

Thomas and family.

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Shaji Xavier & Family

Dear loving Sponsors,
Dear loving Sponsors, we were suffering a long period of time for getting a house of our own. We prayed for this intention for many years. Now we are grateful to our Almighty for this happiness. We are standing in thankful mind before you and all for this new house.
I was unable to make a house by myself. In this painful situation we got this house through WESHARE. We are thankful for your help.
Here we all are keeping fine. I am going for the job. My wife and children are doing well. My two children are studying in good manner. In the new house they are more interested in studying and welcome friends for combined study.
We are so happy and we will remember you every day. We will pray for you all in our daily prayer. We are sure that you will pray and remember us. We welcome you all to our house.
Once again we Thank you with much gratitude and prayer.
Shaji Xavier
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Jose Roby & Family

My dearest sponsors, 
We  lived 17 years in a rented house. But now you (The Bishop of Vijayapuram and the director of VSSS with the help of “We Share Program”) granted a beautiful house. We are grateful to you, and also giving prayerful wishes. Specially we are praying for the sponsors of good people. And for their family members and parents. May the good God bless them abundantly. Now, myself and my family members are happy in our home.
Once again we thank you for your helpful service.
With much love and prayers,
 Jose Roby & Family
Jose Roby & Family2020-12-28T23:00:44+00:00

Jaison & Family

Dear loving Sponsor

Hope you are fine and doing well. Here my family and myself are fine and doing well. We are grateful to you for the help you have provided for the construction of our House. We can never forget you and your concern towards us, we were not having a house and living in a shed. Our surprise is not yet over. Whenever we see our house we thank God for you as well as VSSS. We had great opportunity to hang the Christmas Star in front of our house. We celebrated the Christmas with great joy. You made it possible.

Once again thank you so much for everything and praying for God’s Blessings up on you and your undertakings.

With love,

Jaison and Family

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Benny K & Family

Dear loving Sponsors

I am Benny K. I am having three children. Two of them are girls, the eldest one is studying in eighth class and the second one is studying in fifth class. And the third one is a boy and he is studying in LKG.
Till 2014 we were living in a shed. Those days we were worried about not having a proper shelter. God saw our struggles and sent you like a guardian angel to help us. Thank you for your financial support which enabled us to construct a house. I wish that many of the families may be helped by you through the VSSS. I am thankful for the We Share program. I remember you in my prayers. We are ever grateful to you. We thank God for you and we assure you our prayer full support.

With much love and prayers,
Benny and Family

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Nisha & Her Mother

Dear loving sponsors,
Here my mother and I are fine and keeping good health. Because of your help we could own a house. I also had the luck to live with my mother in the new house. I am experiencing the happiness of living in our own house. We have no words to express our thanks to you. You have taken lot of effort to help us to build a house. Thank you so much for your love and concern towards us. Once again I thank you for the support and love.
With love and prayers,
Nisha & Her Mother2020-12-23T22:47:24+00:00
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