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James Joseph

Dear Sponsor, Fran Numainville,

James Joseph is my name. Hope all is well with you and your family. My family and I are really appreciative of all of you. I didn’t have a liveable home. The sponsors made it possible for me to construct a decent home. Our parish priest, Reverend Fr. Joseph Aji, blessed and completed our newly built home in July. I thank God that we have a nice place to live. We are certain that God’s love is the reason this is possible. You will always remain in our thoughts.

With lots of love and blessings

James Joseph & family.

James Joseph2023-11-20T22:01:30+00:00


Omana here from Kanjirapara. I trust that you are doing well. My sincere gratitude is conveyed in this email. We have lived in a rented home for a long time. We have lived in various rental homes in various locations for the past fifteen years. Financial limitations prevented us from being a permanent resident, even though it is what we were searching for. Thanks to your financial support, it has now become a reality. Thank you very much for the invaluable assistance. With lots of love and blessings.

Omana.Anumol and Aleen Amol.


Roy Chengalam

I am Roy,  a beneficiary of the We-share housing project.  I am extremely thankful for your support and help. It was very difficult to live in such a place when we were affected by floods. When we shared our problems and difficulties with the VSSS Director, he understood our pathetic condition and he agreed to help us, to build a new house with your financial support. Now, we have completed the construction of the new house.

Our family is very thankful for all your help and support. We sincerely thank you and your family members. May the Almighty shower all the blessings upon you.  We will always pray for you

With much gratitude and prayer

Roy & Family

Roy Chengalam2021-12-06T15:17:18+00:00

Chacko Mathai

 I am Chacko Mathai, a beneficiary of We-Share. We are extremely happy because we have a new shelter by the providence of God. As we come to the final stage of our house construction we cannot but thank the Almighty because He has done great things for us. We are extremely grateful to you because we believe that it is through your hands God has fulfilled this wonderful deed. It was extremely hard to live in such a pathetic condition.

It was our long-cherished dream to have a small house but things were beyond our control due to financial constraints. Understanding our situation our parish priest suggested meeting the VSSS director. He received our application and helped us through We Share project. We are also grateful to Kathy and her family for their kindness and efforts. Now we have completed the construction of the house. Rev. Fr. Tom Jos, our parish priest, blessed our house.  With deepest gratitude, our family is very thankful for all your help and support.  We sincerely thank every one of you. May the Almighty shower all his blessings on you.

With gratitude and Prayerful wishes,

 Chacko Mathai & family.

Chacko Mathai2021-12-02T23:39:25+00:00

Thomas Chacko

I am Thomas Chacko (Sajan) . My family and I are really grateful to you.  We are really blessed to have you as our sponsors.   Because now we have a good house in a suitable place. Here we have better transportation and hospital facilities. As you know our children are suffering from cerebral palsy. So we need to take them to the hospital off and on.   Now we have easy access to the hospital. We consider it as divine providence.  We are waiting for the blessed moment of our house warming which will take place at the convenience of the parish priest.

 We hope that you all are keeping fine. We Share Program is a divine plan that helps hundreds of poor families like us.  We are grateful to you and remember you in our daily prayer. You are helping us in many ways.  May God shower His abundant graces on you.

With much love & prayers

Thomas Sajan & Family.

Thomas Chacko2021-12-02T23:33:35+00:00

Shailaja Family

I am Shailaja. It was my dream to have a house. Being a widow, I was unable to construct my dream with a very low income. I approached the government authorities, but my continuous pleading was denied. The officials told me that I would get all the government grants If I would become a Hindu. But I was not ready to give up my faith. I prayed to the Heavenly Father and I strongly believed that God would grant me everything.  At the advice of my parish priest, I submitted my application to the VSSS Director. I could build a new house with the help of the We Share Program.

Now we have a good house with more facilities. We are very happy. Every day we are remembering you with the mind of gratitude. We don’t know how to express our thanks to you. May God bless you and your family abundantly.  Because you did a great thing. May the good Lord bless you with good health and long life to help others again especially for the poor in our diocese like us.

With much love and prayers

Shylaja and family.

Shailaja Family2021-12-02T22:32:36+00:00


My name is Pennamma. I belong to the parish of Good Shepherd in the Diocese of Vijayapuram.   I would like to express my profound gratitude. In 2018 my house was completely destroyed due to torrential rain and flooding. A huge wall fell on my house in which I had a narrow escape. I was in great distress and I submitted an application to the Director of VSSS. By the grace of God, my application was approved and I could construct a small but beautiful new house. Thank you very much for your great kindness and timely intervention through the we-share program. I most sincerely believe that God himself has intervened in my life through your benevolent heart.

I remember you and pray to Almighty God to shower abundant grace to all the members of your family. God bless you and give you a good reward. Now I have a good house with all facilities. I am sending this along with the photo of the new house. Once again, we wish you, all the goodness throughout your life.

With much love and gratitude



Vela Vanaswamy & Family

I am Vela Vanaswamy. Myself and my family are very grateful to you . We can’t forget this blessing . Because, we lived many years in a hut. We felt very difficult to manage our small children In the hut. They haven’t convenient place for study and all.

In this miserable situation , VSSS Director Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil approved my house application . Hence I started the construction soon. Through your help I could construct my house . While the construction going on ,I submitted each stages of construction photos to the Director. Our house construction is completed. Now we have a good house with all the conveniences. My dream was fulfilled. Myself and my family are grateful to you for this grate gift. May the good God grand you great reward. May God allow you , to help many poor people in our Diocese , like me.

With Much gratitude

Vela vanaswamy and family.

Vela Vanaswamy & Family2021-12-02T22:12:18+00:00

Sheeba & Family

Sheeba is a widow from Andoor parish. Her husband was demise 8 years back due to jyondilism. After her husband’s death she came back to her own parents. Now she is living with her parents. Here in a small house there are her parents, father’s 2 brothers who are unmarried and her own brother’s family.
These 2 brothers of her father are mental patients. They are not married. Their house is not good for living together. Her 3 children are doing schooling. They are in 8th , 6th and 5thstandard students. Her brother has wife and 3 children in the same small house.(another brother and family are living near by)
She is going to a hotel for making Chappathy. This is the only earning for her children’s study and their lively hood expenses. Her father is willing to give 3 cents of land for her house construction. She finds very difficult to live with this big family of 13 members . If we give her a house it is very blessing for her life. We present this for Mary Sherman’s kind consideration.

Sheeba & Family2021-12-02T22:12:58+00:00

Nisha Shaiju & Family

I, Nisha Shaiju would like to express my gratitude through these words .

My husband died 7 years ago and we are staying alone with the help and support of my husband’s family, we could survive a little, but surviving for the future was a big question before us. But, at the same time, the only asset we had was 10 cent land. We prayed a lot for a house. At that time VSSS Director Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph decided to help me through We Share Housing. The director approved my application and helped me to build a dream home, by your financial help. With your kind hearted support my dream has come true.  Now my sweet little home is constructed with your support and prayer.

Myself and my family are very happy and grateful to you. We always remember you and your family in our prayers. Our prayer for you is the token of our acknowledgment.

With much love and gratitude,

Nisha  Shaiju

Nisha Shaiju & Family2021-12-02T22:13:33+00:00
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