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Mariamma & Family

Mariamma is the head of the family. She belongs to Holy Cross Church Vaisyambhagam in the Diocese of Vijayapuram. Her husband Clarence was a cancer patient and he died in 2010. At present her family consists of five members including herself. The eldest son got married and he has one daughter. By seeing their pathetic life situation Bishop Peter Thuruthikkonam helped them to build a house. Unfortunately the house collapsed partially in the flood that took place in 2018. The floor and walls also were broken. They were living in the partially ruined house for one year. But in 2019 also they were affected by heavy rain and flood and their house collapsed totally. The house can no longer be used lawfully as a residence.  Now they are staying in their relative’s house. They have land but no house. The parish priest has taken initiative and he himself will help the family.

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Chacko & Family

Chacko (Biju Matthew) is the head of the family. He belongs to Mt. Carmel Church Perumpetty in Vijayapuram Diocese.    His family consists of his wife, 2 children and himself. The Eldest daughter is studying in 6th standard. Second one son is in 1st standard. They are living in a rented house. Recently, by the grace of God, they could buy 3 cents of land, then started construction and reached the wall level with his own effort.  It is his ardent desire  to complete the construction.  But he cannot go ahead due to financial reasons . He asks our help to complete it.

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Sunny & Family

Sunny is the head of the family.  He is the parishioner of  St. Joseph’s Church Propose in Vijayapuram Diocese. He  is a casual worker. His family consists of his wife, 3 children and himself. His wife is a housewife.  His elder son is studying In 8th standard . Second son is in 7th and the last one son is in 1st standard .   He doesn’t have a good house. This shed is not good for living. His children are studying nicely.  He is not able to build a new house  without anybody’s help.  He is asking our help to build a new house.

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Mr. Joy & Family

Mr. Joy is the parishioner of St. Mary’s Church Elackad in Vijayapuram Diocese. His family consists of his wife, 2 children and himself. He is a casual laborer.  Elder one was completed B.com Course. He is a good singer. Now he is studying organ. Younger child is studying in 10th standard. Unfortunately, his house was collapsed due to the heavy wind and rain recently. Now the house is in pathetic stage. They can’t live in this house.  They have great desire to build a good house. But he  isn’t able to build the house alone. If we could help him, is a blessing for them. He is asking our help to build a house.

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Sally Joy & Family

Sally Joy is a parish member of St. Martin De Pores church Adimaly. For the past 16 years, her son Amil is under treatment for kidney disease, in Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. He is studying in plus two and has to go for a checkup in the hospital every month. Her husband has not able to work for the last four years as he is suffering from stroke, there is no sufficient blood supply to the brain which in turn makes his one side weak and he also suffers from back pain. And the doctor said that he has to take medicine for the rest of his life.

They had three cents of land and a small house which was damaged by last year’s monsoon. A landslide has destroyed backside wall of their house, the chimneys were collapsed and the sheets above the kitchen broke which makes their  kitchen flooded during raining.  Currently, the living condition in their house is miserable. She is asking our help to build a good house.
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Joy & Family

Joy is the head of the family. He belongs to Sacred Heart Church Amayannoor. His family consists of his wife and 2 children. Elder girl is studying TTC (Teacher Training Course) in our Dioceses training center Mundakayam.  Younger son is 9th standard student. They are very poor. 10 years back Joy met with an accident.  Then onwards he couldn’t go for any labor work. His hand was injured by the accident and internally it fixed with iron bar. They are facing difficult to manage household expenses and education expenses of 2 children. Besides, a tree fell on the house and their house was damaged. Joy couldn’t make a good house alone.  He is asking our help to build a good house.

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Manoj & Family

Manoj is the parishner of St. Mary’s Church Elackad, in Vijayapuram Diocese. His family consists of his wife and 3 children. He is a casual labour. He has 3 cents of land. But his house is like a hut with cover tar polin tin sheet. Their life is so sympathetic. His children are studying. Nimisha is 1st year Nursing student. Neeraj is in 10th and Nidhin is in 6th standards. All are good in study. His daughter is not in posted. Now she is in hostel. Later will mail you her photo too.

His household expenses and children’s study expenses  depends on his small income. He face difficult to build a new house. His children have a great desire to have a good house as others. So they are so sad of this condition. They are very shame among the friends. But Manoj is not able to build a house without anybody’s help. He is asking our help to build a good house.

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Shibily & Family

Shibily Paulson belongs to St.Mary’s Church Thellakom. Her family consists of her husband and 3 children. Her husband Paulson is a casual laborer. Children are studying. They are the members of Balavedy.

They are very co operative in parish activities. They have 4 cents of land. Their house is made with wood pieces and tarpoline. It is difficult to live with 3 children. They can’t built a new house alone. They are asking our help for a new house.

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Roy & Family

Roy is the head of the family. He is the parishioner of St. Joseph’s Church Chengalam. He is doing  casual labour. His family consists of  his wife and 2 children. His wife works as housemaid  in  nearby houses. She is also  a sugar patient. His elder son Robin  is having learning disability . The second son Richu is a 1st  standard student. He has 8 cents of land. His house is very old and in  damaged stage. Now it is very  difficult to live. He can’t make a good house alone. He is  asking  for  our help to build a good house.

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Chandrabose & Family

Chandrabose is the head of the family. He belongs to St. Anne’s Church Pallivasal, Diocese of Vijayapuram. He was a tea estate laborer who retired from job and is sick . Now his wife Mrs. Elizabeth is earning for the family and she will be retired soon. Being an estate laborer they have to go out of the house (pany lines), when they get retirement.

They have three daughters. One is a religious nun and another daughter is studying to become a nun. Their elder daughter Stella Mary is married but still living with them with her children. Stella Mary’s  husband is working in Kodaikanal as a  coolly. Her elder daughter is in 2nd standard. Last one is in LKG (Lower Kinder Garden)

In the present condition this very poor  family will not be able to construct  a house for them by themselves,when they get retirement. They have own land, 5 cent with proper documents. So it will be great help for them if we support to build a house. If they get financial support parish will try to support in the construction with labour.

Here is a photo in front of company  lines where they are living now. They have to vacate soon after Elizabeth’s retirement.

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