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Lakshmi & Family

Here is another sad story of a widow who lost her house during this flood. Her name is Lakshmi 45 years old, sick, and she gave her one kidney to her husband who was a kidney patient. Even then he died ten years back. She has 3 children and 5 cents of land. She is not able to go for any work.

Only income of this family is the small earning of her elder son Mukesh 26 years old. He is working in the municipality. Her second daughter Sudhi is 25 years old with no job. She just finished her study. Last one is Sujithkumar, who is 22 years old. He is a degree student.

They are not able to reconstruct their house by their own. She asks our help to build a house.

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Baiju & Family

Baiju is the father of this house, 43 years old and a head load worker. Anu is the wife and is 35 years old. Abin Baiju is the son and is 13 years old and is a VIII standard student. Athullya is the daughter and is 11 years old and is a VI standard student.

They are also very poor. They have one and a half cent of land. They don’t have any place to live in. They seek our help to re construct the house.

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Raju & Family

Raju, 58 yrs old is a parishioner of SH Church, Amayannoor of Diocese of Vijayapuram. He is the head of four member family with wife a son and a daughter. He is a casual laborer and the only bread winner of the family. His wife Jaisamma is a chronic patient suffering from liver associated disorders. Both the children are pursuing education. This family had a small house to live in.

In the middle of last month the house they had collapsed due to heavy rain and strong wind. All of a sudden the family became homeless. Mr. Raju is incapable of constructing a home by him. He has approached us seeking help. It is a genuine case and deserves support.

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Jose Antony & Family

Jose Antony age of 42 is the head of the family. He is the only breadwinner of his house. His wife is a house wife. Jose Antony is a coolly. Children’s study expenses and house hold expenses are maintained only by his income. So, till now he couldn’t make a house. He is not able to build a house on his own. Financially they are very poor.

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Mr. Reji & Family

Mr.Reji is 36 years old. Living with his wife and two kids. He is a coolie and the whole family depends on this only source of low income from Reji for their daily bread. He is living in a small tent. They have 2 cents of land. This poor family is asking our help to build a small house. Let us join our hands for Jesus. Thank you.

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Thomas Monachan & Family

Thomas [Monachan] is the head of the family. He is a casual laborer. His family consists of his wife and 2 small children. His father is a cancer patient. A part of his income needs is for the treatment of his father. Thomas’ family is living in a small shed. He has 3 cents of land. The shed is not good for living. Their life situation is so poor. Thomas can’t make a house alone. He needs help from others. He is asking us for a house.

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Sebastian & Family

This family consists of Father, Mother and 3 children. Sebastian is the head of this family. His wife Beena is a heart patient . Because of a Heart block she did Angioplast . His daughter Reshma is assisting in an office. Second daughter Reshmi is a student of Dental technic. Third daughter Preethy is a BCOM student. His mother Thresiamma is also living with them. He has 4 cents of land. They are living in shed. He is a cooly .This is the only income of this family. He is struggling to meet the heavy expenses of children’s study etc. They are actively participating in the parish. They are asking our help to have a house.

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Mr. Kunjumon & Family

Mr. Kunjumon is a member of Infant Jesus Church. He is day laborer (Helper in construction works). This family actively participates in all the activities of the parish and his eldest son, Albin, is a 5th year seminarian. The house in which he and his family lived collapsed in the summer rain of May and now living in a temporary shed. He is in a dire need of a house. Members of Peoples Development Committee and parish have promised all possible things for the speedy construction of the house. Mr. Kunjumon and his wife together own 20 cents of land.

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Paul Joseph & Family

Mr. Paul Joseph owns 10 cents of land and had a very old house. Some months back that old house crumbled down and the entire family moved to a makeshift house (Shown in the photograph).  He has found it very difficult to construct a house by his own. So he is seeking the help of some benevolent people to materialize his dream and provide a secure shelter for his  family.

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Joseph & Family

Joseph has his 72 year old wife, daughter and her family, all together 7 members living in an old house in collapsing condition. They have 4.5 cents of land. Johnson is the only earning member. They are not able to find money for themselves to build a house. They beg our help to build a house.

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