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Joseph T. Family

Joseph is the head of the family. He belongs to St Boniface Church Pattithanam in Vijayapuram Diocese. His family consists of his wife, 3 children, daughter in law and a grandson. He is an auto driver. His house fell down due to the stormy wind and heavy rain on 3-9-2021. And a big tree also fell on the house. Now they are homeless. Rebuilding the house is a heavy financial burden for him. He gets a very low income from his job. He has 4 cents of land. He is also suffering from pulmonary disease. His wife recently underwent medical surgery on her stomach.   His eldest son is working as a salesman in a shop. His youngest son has completed the ITI course recently.  He is asking our help to build a new house.

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Isabella, Munnar

Mrs. Isabella is the parishioner of Nithyasahayamatha Church Chithirapuram (Munnar) in the Vijayapuram Diocese. She is a widow. Her husband died 16 years back in a bike accident. Her family consists of her mother and a daughter. She is a coolie. Her daughter is studying in 11th grade.  She is staying in a rental house. She has 3 and a half cents of land to build a house. But she is not able to build the house on account of financial issues. She is asking for our help to build a new house.

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Babu Family

Babu belongs to St. Mary’s Church Mundakayam in Vijayapuram Diocese. He was born deaf and dumb.  Though they are married years ago, not blessed with children. They have 5 cents of land and a small house which was built 30 years back. Heavy rains of the last year caused damage to this house. It gets wet and the wall cracks when it rains. Though babu is a physically challenged person he is very hard working. He is going for rubber tapping in the neighborhood to find his earnings. They would like to build a new house.

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Sibi Chacko

Sibi is the head of the family. He belongs to Sacred Heart Church Amayannoor in Vijayapuram Diocese. His family consists of his wife, 2 children, and his mother. His mother is old and suffering from old age sickness. His elder son is studying electronics in 1st year. His younger son is a mental patient and under treatment. His wife, who is physically challenged, is receiving medical care as she underwent surgery for uterus-related issues.  Sibi as well as his youngest son is taking medicine for some sort of psychological disorder. Both have mental issues. So he is unable to go for regular work.

His house was severely damaged in the 2018 flood. A huge tree fell on his house. At present they are living in a shed covered with tarpaulin and tin sheets.  He owns 10 cents of land. It is his dream to build a new house.

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Samuel Kuppaykkal

Samuel is the head of the family. He belongs to Holy Family Church Edamon in Vijayapuram Diocese. He has 3 children, 2daughters and a boy. Daughters got married. His son is living in his wife’s house. So Samuel and his wife are alone. He is running a petty shop and it is going well. With the income from the shop, they can manage the household expenses as well as his wife’s treatment. His wife is a Diabetics and Kidney patient. He has 5 cents of land. His house is on a pathetic stage. A portion of the house has been demolished. At present they are in a financial crisis. He has a great desire to renew the house but it is unaffordable for him right now.  Samuel is asking for our help to build a good house.

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Matthew Family

Mathew is the head of the family. He belongs to Fathimagiri Church Kunnamthanam in Vijayapuram Diocese. Mathew is in his 75 and his wife Rosamma is in her sixties. They got married fifteen years ago. But unfortunately, they don’t have children. It is his second marriage. His first wife expired years back. They own five cents of the land but don’t have a house. In this later period of life, they are not able to build a house. At present they are living in a rented house. It is their great desire to build a house. They also need to incur a lot of medical expenses. They have been struggling financially for the last two years and have tried several options for financial help. However, they have been unsuccessful and therefore they approached VSSS. Let me forward this case for your favorable consideration. Thank you very much for your time and prayers.

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Binu Benjamin

Binu is the head of the family. He belongs to St John the Baptist church Veloor in Vijayapuram Diocese. His family consists of his wife and two children. His eldest daughter is studying in 3rd standard and the younger boy is in U K G (Upper Kindergarten). He has been living in a rented house for the last eight years. He does not have a permanent job. He is an artist and endowed with many talents. He is a very good singer. He earns his living from stage performances during church festivals. But due to the Covid pandemic, he is not able to conduct programs and it affected his daily life.  He has got two cents of land from his family share. He was planning to build a house. But unexpected financial issues related to his profession forced him to go further. His wife Sheena is suffering from bleeding disorders and she is undergoing treatment. Due to financial problems, they have no access to advanced treatment. Despite their hardships, they are very active in the church. Both Binu and his wife are talented singers. They are the choir leaders of the parish.  He has a great desire to build the house but it is unaffordable for him right now.  Binu is asking our help to build a good house

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Mini Johnson

Mini Johnson is a widow. She belongs to St John the Baptist Church Veloor in the Diocese of Vijayapuram.  Her family consists of four members including herself. Her husband was a heart patient and he left her for his eternal life five years back.   She has three children. The eldest son is a Plus Two student. The middle one is a girl who is studying in 9th standard. The youngest one is a boy studying in 5th standard.

Mini is working in nearby houses as a sweeper. She gets very low income. She struggles much to make ends meet. She had been living in a rented house. In 2018 when the heavy rain hit Kerala, her rented house got severely damaged. She found a shelter in her brother’s house. At present eight people are living under a small single roof.  Since 2018 she has been looking for a new house. In September 2020, she bought five cents of land with the help of many. But building a house is unaffordable for her. Mini is asking for our help to construct a house.

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Sijo Sebastian

Mr. Sijo belongs to Mount Carmel Church, Andoor. His family consists of a wife,2 children, and parents. He is a casual laborer. His aged parents are with him and they suffer from aging-related diseases.  The eldest daughter is in 4th standard and the youngest is in 1st standard. His wife Rincy is a homemaker. The house they are staying in now is in a bad state that needs immediate renovation. They are living in a hut-type house made of mud and bricks. Sijo is the only earning member of the family. He gets very low income. They have three cents of land. They would like to build a new house but lack of money is the major issue. They are asking for our help with a new house. It is a case that needs our immediate attention.

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Mariamma & Family

Mariamma is the head of the family. She belongs to Holy Cross Church Vaisyambhagam in the Diocese of Vijayapuram. Her husband Clarence was a cancer patient and he died in 2010. At present her family consists of five members including herself. The eldest son got married and he has one daughter. By seeing their pathetic life situation Bishop Peter Thuruthikkonam helped them to build a house. Unfortunately the house collapsed partially in the flood that took place in 2018. The floor and walls also were broken. They were living in the partially ruined house for one year. But in 2019 also they were affected by heavy rain and flood and their house collapsed totally. The house can no longer be used lawfully as a residence.  Now they are staying in their relative’s house. They have land but no house. The parish priest has taken initiative and he himself will help the family.

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