I am Chacko Mathai, a beneficiary of We-Share. We are extremely happy because we have a new shelter by the providence of God. As we come to the final stage of our house construction we cannot but thank the Almighty because He has done great things for us. We are extremely grateful to you because we believe that it is through your hands God has fulfilled this wonderful deed. It was extremely hard to live in such a pathetic condition.

It was our long-cherished dream to have a small house but things were beyond our control due to financial constraints. Understanding our situation our parish priest suggested meeting the VSSS director. He received our application and helped us through We Share project. We are also grateful to Kathy and her family for their kindness and efforts. Now we have completed the construction of the house. Rev. Fr. Tom Jos, our parish priest, blessed our house.  With deepest gratitude, our family is very thankful for all your help and support.  We sincerely thank every one of you. May the Almighty shower all his blessings on you.

With gratitude and Prayerful wishes,

 Chacko Mathai & family.