Chandrabose is the head of the family. He belongs to St. Anne’s Church Pallivasal, Diocese of Vijayapuram. He was a tea estate laborer who retired from job and is sick . Now his wife Mrs. Elizabeth is earning for the family and she will be retired soon. Being an estate laborer they have to go out of the house (pany lines), when they get retirement.

They have three daughters. One is a religious nun and another daughter is studying to become a nun. Their elder daughter Stella Mary is married but still living with them with her children. Stella Mary’s  husband is working in Kodaikanal as a  coolly. Her elder daughter is in 2nd standard. Last one is in LKG (Lower Kinder Garden)

In the present condition this very poor  family will not be able to construct  a house for them by themselves,when they get retirement. They have own land, 5 cent with proper documents. So it will be great help for them if we support to build a house. If they get financial support parish will try to support in the construction with labour.

Here is a photo in front of company  lines where they are living now. They have to vacate soon after Elizabeth’s retirement.