This is Elsy Benny writing letter to you. Firstly I convey thanks and love in the name of my family and myself. I always remember you in my prayers. Wish you a merry Christmas and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This December 15th was the second death anniversary of my husband Benny. I took care of my two daughters Akshya, Akshara and my father. We lived in a small shed covered with a plastic sheet. During rainy season our house filled with rain water and we suffered a lot.

But now we have a good house with 3 rooms, a kitchen and a sit out. Now we have all basic facilities within our house itself. We are extremely thankful for giving us all these which helped us to improve our quality of life.

We always pray for your good health and good life to God. Once again I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

With lots of love

Elsy Benny