Please read the story of our current family in need of adequate housing.

India's poor families do not have the financial means to buy or construct houses with their savings, and therefore they live in huts with mud walls and thatched roofs, or whatever other materials they can find.


Sibi is the head of the family. He belongs to Sacred Heart Church Amayannoor in Vijayapuram Diocese. His family consists of his wife, 2 children and his mother. His mother is old and suffering from old age sickness. His elder son is studying electronics in 1st year. His younger son is a mental patient and under treatment. His wife, who is physically challenged, is receiving  medical care as she underwent surgery for uterus related issues.  Sibi as well his youngest son are taking medicine for some sort of psychological disorder. Both have mental issues. So he is unable to go for regular work.

His house was severely damaged in the 2018 flood. A huge tree fell on his house. At present they are living in a shed covered with tarpaulin and tin sheets.  He owns 10 cents of land. It is his dream to build a new house.