James belongs to St. Mary’s Church, Thellakom, Vijayapuram diocese. His family consists of his wife Annamma Joseph, his son Jithin James and a daughter Jeena James who is married. Financially his family is very poor. Mr. James is a daily wage laborer and his son Jibin James is a painter who could only complete his studies till the 11th due to his family situation. They are the sole breadwinners of the family who are struggling to meet with their meager income and his wife is a psychiatric patient who always needs a bystander to look after her. Moreover, James has played the keyboard in St. Mary’s Church for the past 50 years. Due to the Covid crisis, even his income from programs of social ceremonies was cut off. He possesses 3 scents of land and a small house. His house was almost destroyed during a storm in 2006 and during 2018 flood flooded the house and the floor was demolished. It is not in a condition of maintenance. He has a great desire to build a new house. But they don’t have a permanent source of income so he is asking for financial assistance to build a new house.