My dear sponsors,

I write this letter with great love and gratefulness. You have helped me in a very difficult time. Firstly I ‘d like to thank the Almighty God. Mine is a big family that consists of my Mother , sister ,wife and children. My house is situated in the lower areas of Kumarakom Village. During the time of rain, my house is flooded. I suffered a lot since I did not own a house with higher built floor.  Flood was a nightmare for us.

On seeing our situation, Vijayapuram Social Service Society  came forward to help us and with your  support have built us a beautiful house. This is a big relief  for my family. You have provided a great service for us through the society and on behalf of the society, my family and myself I want to thank you.  I pray that God may bless you  with long life and health, and may you continue your good works for the lifting up of the poor.

Thanking you,

Jaymon & family