Dear sponsors,

We, Johnson and Aniyamma, want to take a moment to thank you for your generous support to buy  a plot of land with a house. It is really comforting to our family to know that we are surrounded with such caring people. Thank you so much. Your love and support and encouragement are appreciated more than you recognize it. Thank you for being so understanding regarding the problems of our family. I am sure that you will be pleased by the end result in the form of a photograph.

We executed the deed of the property on 30th January 2020. We had the housewarming on 2nd February. In the morning we offered a thanksgiving Holy Mass. We prayed very specially for you. At 4 pm the house was blessed dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Tom Jose. The house is named “Rose House” (In the loving remembrance of the great personality of ROSE MAYER).

This was a day when we experience the love and concern of a band of people, Prof.Pushkaladevi, the Panchayat President who handed over the key, the members of People’s Development Committee of the Parish and parishioners. We remain folded –handed before the Lord Almighty, the Benefactors and friends. We assure our prayers for our benefactors .

With much love and gratitude

Johnson and Aniyamma.