Dear Diana & Eric

I am Mathew parishioner of St Mary’s Church Kurumulloor. My family consists of my wife, daughter, Mother and my sister. My house was damaged and I have 4 cents of land. I can’t able to build a new house with my effort. Every day we prayed for a good house. We had great desire to build a new house.

My parish priest, Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil( The Director of VSSS) understood my situations. He take initiative for the construction of my house. He informed to benevolent people like you, for the help of my house. With your help and the support of my parish priest, I could build a good and new house.

We all are very happy. We thanking God with whole heart. We could made new house by your help through VSSS. My friends, relatives and a number of good minded people were helped me in different ways for the new house. They were very cooperative with us. My aged mother (85) suffered in the damaged house so many time. My nothingness and helpless stage, you came to help me for build a new house. So I infinite thanksgiving to God and you. Your sacrifice and good will made a good house for us. For it is we thank you to all. We pray with whole heart, God give you good health of mind and body and long life.

May God bless you all

With much love and prayers

Mathew Moozhiparambil