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A very special thanks to individual Donors who are fully funding the construction of the following homes...

I am Vela Vanaswamy. Myself and my family are very grateful to you . We can’t forget this blessing . Because, we lived many years in a hut. We felt very difficult to manage our small children In the hut. They haven’t convenient place for study and all.

In this miserable situation , VSSS Director Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil approved my house application . Hence I started the construction soon. Through your help I could construct my house . While the construction going on ,I submitted each stages of construction photos to the Director. Our house construction is completed. Now we have a good house with all the conveniences. My dream was fulfilled. Myself and my family are grateful to you for this grate gift. May the good God grand you great reward. May God allow you , to help many poor people in our Diocese , like me.

With Much gratitude

Vela vanaswamy and family.

Sheeba is a widow from Andoor parish. Her husband was demise 8 years back due to jyondilism. After her husband’s death she came back to her own parents. Now she is living with her parents. Here in a small house there are her parents, father’s 2 brothers who are unmarried and her own brother’s family.
These 2 brothers of her father are mental patients. They are not married. Their house is not good for living together. Her 3 children are doing schooling. They are in 8th , 6th and 5thstandard students. Her brother has wife and 3 children in the same small house.(another brother and family are living near by)
She is going to a hotel for making Chappathy. This is the only earning for her children’s study and their lively hood expenses. Her father is willing to give 3 cents of land for her house construction. She finds very difficult to live with this big family of 13 members . If we give her a house it is very blessing for her life. We present this for Mary Sherman's kind consideration.

Thomas Chacko (Sajan) is the head of the family. He is suffering from heart attack, not able to go for work.
Jancy Sajan his wife is also seriously suffering from different sicknesses, not able to go for work. His son Alen is 15 years old, suffering from cerebral palsy, not able to walk. Second son Semil-13 years old is suffering with the same cerebral palsy and not able to walk.They were living in a small house on a hill which has no documents. It was not easy for them to take the children to the hospital for the vehicle (taxi) cannot reach near to the house

One prayer group people bought 5 cents of land for them and with the help of many good people started to build a good house They spent almost Rs.1000000 (around 13975 US Dollar). Now they ask our help. still it needs Rs.350000 (3895 US Dollar)to finish plastering flooring plumping wiring doors windows etc.Shall we join together to finish this.

I, Nisha Shaiju would like to express my gratitude through these words .

My husband died 7 years ago and we are staying alone with the help and support of my husband's family, we could survive a little, but surviving for the future was a big question before us. But, at the same time, the only asset we had was 10 cent land. We prayed a lot for a house. At that time VSSS Director Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph decided to help me through We Share Housing. The director approved my application and helped me to build a dream home, by your financial help. With your kind hearted support my dream has come true.  Now my sweet little home is constructed with your support and prayer.

Myself and my family are very happy and grateful to you. We always remember you and your family in our prayers. Our prayer for you is the token of our acknowledgment.

With much love and gratitude,

Nisha  Shaiju

Dear Mark,

Hope you are keeping fine. What about your families, are all fine? Convey our loving regards to each one . We are praying for your good health in our daily prayer.

I am Saju Paulose, belongs to Kattampack  Church in Vijayapuram Diocese. I am a patient, having medicines regularly. My family consists of  my wife, 2 daughters and myself. My wife is a house maiden. My children are studying in 2nd & 3rd standards. We did  not have a safe house. In  many years we lived  in a small shed.

We are very grateful to you for  the  help to build a new house. Now we have a good  house. You gave me money through VSSS Director, for the construction of my house. We have completed the construction of our house.

We are grateful to you for your good and kind heart. May God bless you for your works of Mercy. We assure our sincere prayers for you all. We are furnishing here with the photograph of our new  house.

With  prayerful wishes

Saju Paulose & family

Dear Mary

How are you? Hope you are keeping fine. What about your family members? Please convey our loving regards to each one. I am Mary Chacko . I am very glad to say you about our gratitude. Now we got a good and beautiful house. We have send a request asking for help to build a new house. My application was approved and I have got money through VSSS for the construction of new house. We finished our house construction . Our dreams have been fulfilled. we sincerely thank you for all the help that you have provided. May the good God bless you abundantly . May God grant you courage to help many poor people .

With much love and prayers

Mary Chacko & children.

Dear Sponsors,

May I take this time to thank you for your generous assistance for construction of my house. I was really disheartened at the inability to construct a house for our family. My house was in a dilapidated condition. I could not afford to spare any amount from the sundry cooly works I have. I was literally striving hard to meet the expenses of my family. It was at that critical stage that you included me in the housing scheme of Vijayapuram Social Service Society.

Dear Father, I do not have words to express our gratitude to you. Only what we can do is to pray for you. You will be strengthened to do more and more good to people of our strata. May many more families experience your love and concern and support.

We extend our sincere love and gratitude to Vijayapuram Social Service Society and the Bishop of our Diocese . We will surely remember you in our daily prayers.

Thanking you from the bottom of our heart.

Santhi Francis

This is Elsy Benny writing letter to you. Firstly I convey thanks and love in the name of my family and myself. I always remember you in my prayers. Wish you a merry Christmas and A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This December 15th was the second death anniversary of my husband Benny. I took care of my two daughters Akshya, Akshara and my father. We lived in a small shed covered with a plastic sheet. During rainy season our house filled with rain water and we suffered a lot.

But now we have a good house with 3 rooms, a kitchen and a sit out. Now we have all basic facilities within our house itself. We are extremely thankful for giving us all these which helped us to improve our quality of life.

We always pray for your good health and good life to God. Once again I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

With lots of love

Elsy Benny

Loving Deb & Tom,

Hope you all are keeping fine. By the grace of God we are also keeping well. In many years my wife and four children are living with my elder brother’s family. I didn’t have enough money to build a house. My children can’t study well in that atmosphere. Now we are grateful to you for understanding our situations and gave enough money for the construction of my new house.

I am glad to inform you, by the grace of God the house construction is finished beautifully. Today, 27th November blessing and house warming is arranged. This CHRISTMAS will be very special for us. Our great dream come true. We are very happy for your CHRISTMAS GIFT. We are sending this letter along with your gift ie, photo of the new house.

We are very much grateful to the Almighty and you, for the help, that more than we have desired. We thank our good God that HE changed our sorrow in to joy. We pray for you and your family every day. May the Infant in the manger grant peace and joy abundantly.

With much love and prayers,
Vilson Peter

Dear Mary,

Hope you all are keeping fine. We are writing this letter with many many thanks. We don’t know how to express our thanks. We are grateful to you because you helped us to make a house through Weshare & VSSS. We are remembering you with gratitude and also praying for you. We got a good house with your good mind. We have desire and ask to God but HE gives more than that we ask. May the Good God bless you abundantly from his treasury.

The house warming was over . It was blessed by the parish priest. Now we are very happy. My children can study nicely now in this house. Now myself and children are very happy. I can’t make a house by me alone. If you were not there to give your help, I could not have made a house like this. Now we are happy to get a good house as our own. Hope you all keeping fine. Is your jobs are going nicely? Pray for us in your prayer. We are praying for you everyday. Once again myself and my children are grateful to you for your kind help.

Thank you

Rositta Lawrence

Dear Diana & Eric

I am Mathew parishioner of St Mary’s Church Kurumulloor. My family consists of my wife, daughter, Mother and my sister. My house was damaged and I have 4 cents of land. I can’t able to build a new house with my effort. Every day we prayed for a good house. We had great desire to build a new house.

My parish priest, Rev. Fr. Dennis Joseph Kannamalil( The Director of VSSS) understood my situations. He take initiative for the construction of my house. He informed to benevolent people like you, for the help of my house. With your help and the support of my parish priest, I could build a good and new house.

We all are very happy. We thanking God with whole heart. We could made new house by your help through VSSS. My friends, relatives and a number of good minded people were helped me in different ways for the new house. They were very cooperative with us. My aged mother (85) suffered in the damaged house so many time. My nothingness and helpless stage, you came to help me for build a new house. So I infinite thanksgiving to God and you. Your sacrifice and good will made a good house for us. For it is we thank you to all. We pray with whole heart, God give you good health of mind and body and long life.

May God bless you all

With much love and prayers

Mathew Moozhiparambil

My Respected Christine, 
How are you? Hope you are fine. What about your family and family members? How is the climate? We are remembering you every day. Please convey our regards to all. We are very glad to receive your kind help. We are looking forward to your visit to our home.
Now we are very happy to get a house as our own. Before that we dreamed for a nice house. We thought we never get a good house as our dreams. But now we don’t know how to express our gratitude to you, that is more than words. I submitted an application to VSSS. The application was approved and the director of VSSS granted us money for the each step of construction. Through these times we are praying together for the improvement of construction and for the Bishop Director and also for our sponsor. In construction period, God helps us to complete the construction in a good manner. Now we are happy in our house. I believe because it was God’s will, that He wants to give a house for us.
Christine, my father-in-law and his mother had gone for the heavenly house. Myself and my two children are keeping fine by the grace of God. They are studying well. Please pray for us.
I sincerely thank from my heart for such a help you have done to us. Let God may bless you abundantly.
With prayerful wishes
Jolly Joseph

Wilson Peter and his family are living with his brother in a very small house. His brother has his wife and a son who is married recently. These 4 members and Wilson’s 6 members, all together 10 members are living in a old small house and 4 cents of land . they are very poor. Wilson met with an accident at his work field and is unable to walk straight and do heavy work.

They are not able to find some space to sleep safe and unable to study calmly. If we can help them during this Lenten season they will be so happy. (Wilson's brother's son and wife are not in the photo so I have added an extra photo of them)

Beena Reji
She is a mother of two children: one girl and one boy. Her husband left her and the children six years back. He never came back and his where about is not known. The only source of income for the family is the meager earning the mother makes from house hold works she does in neighboring houses. 

Mrs Beena has 3 cents of land in which there is a shanty house. The present shelter is not at all safe and it may collapse at any time. She earnestly aspires to have a secure house for herself and her children. She is seeking the assistance of generous people to help her with this.


Dear Mary ,
Here is the photo and thanks letter from Alphonsa George for her house. House is small and beautiful.Parish priest took great initiative to finish this house.Thanks to all of you especially to Mary. At the top of the front door it is written in Malayalam "House of Mercy"

Dearest Mary ,

I am Alphonsa George.  I don’t know how to thank you. As a widow  with my two girls I was living in the shed  even not able to dream for a good house to live in with my girls. I thank God and Mary  who sponsored my house and adopted me to the We Share program.
I thank VSSS and WE Share family. I thank Fr.Dennis who personally came to visit our family from Kottayam even though it is too far and difficult to travel to high ranges.
I am so happy to inform you with gratitude that on 15th January, 2017  we got our house blessed by our loving Vicar Rev.Fr. Mathew, who with many of the parishioners directly involved in all the process of the construction.
We are happy as if in a dream realized.  Now I am able to sleep safely in this house. We have a cow and a dog.
May Almighty God Bless you all.Thank you.
 Alphonsa George & family

Dear Rev. Fr. Vicar and my brothers and sisters of St.Joseph's Church

I  am  Baisil, the  parishioner of St. Peter's church Kumarakom. My family consists of my mother, wife and 3 children. I am a casual labor. My wife is working as an animator in VSSS.

We did  not have a good  house.  In this  situation  God  has  sent  you  as a messenger  to me through VSSS with your help. We thank you for, granting  us  financial help for the construction of our house through VSSS.

While this construction was going on, we can’t  forget the flood disaster it had  destroyed everything in  many places in Kerala . Even though  the construction was not finished, we did not go to any  refugee camps, by the grace of God our  new house  was  not sunk in the flood.  We could being in our own house.

So we are very grateful to you for granting us  new and good  house. We have no words to say  thanks . We wish and pray  that,  may good  God bless you all.

With gratitude’s  and prayerful  wishes.

Baisil & family.

Dear Loving Aunt,

How are you? Hope you are fine. I am Shiju whom you helped me to have a house. Myself and all my family members are fine and extremely joyful to have a good house. First of all we thank God for his love and mercy towards us. We do not know how to express our gratitude towards you. Our words are not enough to express our thanks to you. To have a good house was our dream. Now by the grace of God it came to reality. We realize that it was impossible for us to have house with our effort. But we are helped by many good hearts like you. We could have this house with your support and the support of our Parish priest. As he celebrated the Silver Jubilee of his Priestly ordination he contributed some financial support for my house as his charity to one of the families who did not have a house. We too remember him in our prayers with gratitude. We keep you in our prayers always that God may bless your good heart and grant the reward for all that you do for the poor and homeless.

With love and prayers

Shiju and family

Lissy Roy is the parishioner of Manarcadu Church. Her family consists of her husband and two children and they are living in a rented house for 12 years. Husband Roy is a coolie worker. She had three children and her Elder daughter passed away. Her son Ritto is studying in 8th standared and the daughter Angel is only 2years old. They own 3 cents of land. It has been a financial burden to the family. So they can’t build a good home. They are lacking a proper house.

Joy P.M is from the parish of Mount Carmel Church,Thiruvanchoor. His family consists of his wife and two children. He is a Coolie worker. Elder daughter studying in 8th class and the younger son is studying in 5th class. They have 10 cent of land and the construction of basement for house is over. Due to the financial problem they could not continue. Now they are living in a shed.

Dear loving Aunt,

How are you? Hope you are fine by the grace of God. I do not know how to express my gratitude. Really I and my family members are so happy for we could construct a house with your help. Really we experience the work and love of God through you. I ask you excuse for my delay to finish. Since my wife was suffering due to heart problem we had to go to hospital so I was late to finish. Now she is oK. Doctor asked to take rest. My children are studying. Their class was started on June first. Their first term exams are coming near so they are busy with their studies. Ones again we thank you for your great help for us.

We realize that it was with your help that we could finish the construction of our house. We pray for you that God may reward you for all your generosity.

With lot of love

Manoj & Family

Dear Loving Aunt,

How are you? Hope you are fine. I am Else whom you helped me to have a house. Myself and all my family members are fine and extremely happy l to have a good house. First of all we are grateful God for His tender love and mercy towards us. We do not have words to express our gratitude towards you. We are before you with joined hands. It was our dream to have a good house. Now it came to in reality. We realize that it was impossible for us to have a house with our effort. But we are helped by many good hearts like you. We could have this house with your support and the support of our Parish priest. We remember and pray with gratitude our Parish priest and all those who contributed to have a house for us. We keep you in our prayers always that God may bless your good heart and grant the reward for all that you do for the poor and homeless.

With love and prayers


Dear loving Aunty ,

Loving greetings and prayerful wishes from Babu Pambanar. I am glad to write this letter to you. Whenever I enter my house I thank God for the person of yourself. Only because of your love and concern my family could live in a beautiful house. It was only in our imagination but you made it possible. We thank God for you and all your undertakings. I am sending you the photo of our new house. I am proud to say others about you that you are Gods gift to me and my family. We will remember you in our daily prayers. We can't live a day without thinking of your concern because we are living in a house which you gifted for us. We are fine and doing well. Keep us also in your prayers. Once again thank you so much.

With lots of love and prayers,
Babu Pambanar

Dear LovingFamily,

How are you all? I do not know how to express our gratitude towards you for your great help. I write this letter with great joy for receiving the help for the construction of our house. Still I am very sad for the death of my husband. My husband died on 8-11-2015 due to cardiac attack. When he died the construction of our house was going on. He had great desire to have a good house but he could not see a new house and to live there. My daughter is 4 years old. Now my daughter and myself are at home. It is your help that we could have a good house. We are really grateful to you. We keep you all in our prayers and we ask you to pray for me, my daughter and for the departed soul of my husband.

With lot of prayers and love,

Jancy Biju (Wife of Biju Xavier)


Dear Mary,

I am Manjumol K P. I completed  my house construction. I am sending the thanksgiving letter and photo of new house.

While I am in despair, thought of nobody will help me,  my house was destroyed, I got your help. Hence I thought , I have somebody. God  send you as a Seraph for me to help. So, I am grateful to you and VSSS.

Now myself and my family are very happy. This year Christmas celebration was very important in our life. It is a memorable event for us. This new house is a great relief for me. My children and parents  are also very happy. I could build a two storied house through your help. My children are  studying well. They are also studying Catechism. We are actively participating  each program’s in our parish. My parents are old. But they are in good health.

Every day we will pray for you and your family. We have great desire to see you. But in my prayer I can see you. May the Child Jesus bless you and grand you goodness throughout your life.

With love and prayers,

Manjumol K P.

 Johnson Joseph, Nelliparambil (H), Kavungumprayar P O Puramattom was a parishnor of Little Flower Church, Madathumbhagom in the diocese of Vijayapuram. His family had six members; he himself, wife and four children. All the children are in the age group of 9 to 12 and doing their schooling. Elder Children Bijin and Binin are twines and are in eighth standard. The third one Bibin is in seventh standard. The last one,Bijish is in fourth standard. His youngest child, who stays with his aunt, suffers from falling of hair from head in round patches; the reason for which is not yet diagnosed. This child is not there in the photograph shown. Mr. Johnson was an Auto rickshaw driver and the only bread winner for the family. Every week, from his frugal income, he had to spend Rs. 600/- for the treatment of his wife as she has uterus complaint.
Unfortunately Mr. Johnson committed suicide one week back and left the family without support.
Mr. Johnson’s family dwells in a rented house but has a small plot of land nearby. They desire to construct a small house but find it hard to save money for this purpose. Johnson’s wife Binu Santhosh a house wife is now compelled to seek means of income to support the family

Philomina is a widow. Her husband was dead seven years back.  She works as a house maid. Her first daughter is working In a Private Company from where she gets less Salary. Her second daughter is a heart patient and had undergone an operation. So she cannot do any hard work. Her son is going I a press. They have 4cents of land and a make shift house which cannot be called as a house.

Joseph V.U the head of the family is a casual laborer. His family consists of his wife and two Children.They have 6 ½ cents of land. At present they are living I a shed which is covered with plastic. His children are studying.

Dear  Christine,

May  the  God  bless  you.  How  are you?  Hope  you  are  keeping  fine.  What  about  your  family?  Are  you  all  keeping  fine?   I  am  writing  this  letter  with  my  whole  hearted  thanks  for  you.  Because  I  am  belonging  to  a  poor  family.  We  didn't  have  a  good  house.  And  also  I  could  not  make  a  house  alone.  In  this  situation  my  God  sent  you  to  me  through  VSSS  with  your  help. With  your  help  I  could  made  a  good  house. It  is  the  great  event  for  us. Now  myself  and  family  members  are  in  very  happy.  We  are  standing  before the  God  and  you  with  gratitude.

We  all  are  keeping  fine.  My  children  can  study and  take  rest  in  this  new  house. So  they  are  happy. We  are  attending  the  Holy  Mass  each  day  and  participating in  all  the  activities  of  our  parish.  We  will  pray  for  you  everyday  in  our  family  prayer.  We  can’t  forget  you. We  have  great  desire  to  see  you.  May  the  God  grant  us  our  desire.

Please  pray  for  us  also.  We  are  sending  the  photo  of  new  house  along  with  this  letter. May  God  be  bless  you.

With  much  love  and  prayers

Retheesh  Vagamon.

My Dear Christin ,

My name is Joseph Raj. I am a member of  the Arnakkal parish. I did not own  a proper house. Me , my wife and children suffered a lot without a house. In that situation the Vijayapuram Social Service Society came forward to build me a new house. I thank the God for this great blessing.

This dream that I was not able to accomplish due to my  financial crisis was accomplished through Vijayapuram Social Service Society. I understand that you have sacrificed  your  many needs and faced great difficulties to help me build my house. May the God  bless you and your family abundantly for this great deed you have done. Me and my family are indebted to you and VSSS  Director . May you be showered with blessings

Thanking you,

With love and  prayers.

Joseph Raj and family.

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