Omana belongs to St. Xavier’s Church Kanjirappara in Vijayapuram Diocese. Her family consists of 2 daughters and herself.  Her husband left them 6 years ago.  Omana, a forty-seven-year-old woman, lost her vision recently and she is under treatment. Her eldest daughter Anumol completed 2 years back. But financial constraints block her from taking further steps in higher studies. Now she applies bridal makeup.  Despite the hardship, the family led a church-centered life. Anumol is a  leader of the Catholic Youth Movement. The youngest daughter is in 10th standard. Omana with her two daughters has been living in a rented house but the house owner forced her to leave the house as she is unable to pay the rent. They have five cents of the land but no money to build a house. Now they are seeking our help to build a house.