My name is Pennamma. I belong to the parish of Good Shepherd in the Diocese of Vijayapuram.   I would like to express my profound gratitude. In 2018 my house was completely destroyed due to torrential rain and flooding. A huge wall fell on my house in which I had a narrow escape. I was in great distress and I submitted an application to the Director of VSSS. By the grace of God, my application was approved and I could construct a small but beautiful new house. Thank you very much for your great kindness and timely intervention through the we-share program. I most sincerely believe that God himself has intervened in my life through your benevolent heart.

I remember you and pray to Almighty God to shower abundant grace to all the members of your family. God bless you and give you a good reward. Now I have a good house with all facilities. I am sending this along with the photo of the new house. Once again, we wish you, all the goodness throughout your life.

With much love and gratitude