Thomas Chacko (Sajan) is the head of the family. He is suffering from heart attack, not able to go for work.
Jancy Sajan his wife is also seriously suffering from different sicknesses, not able to go for work. His son Alen is 15 years old, suffering from cerebral palsy, not able to walk. Second son Semil-13 years old is suffering with the same cerebral palsy and not able to walk.They were living in a small house on a hill which has no documents. It was not easy for them to take the children to the hospital for the vehicle (taxi) cannot reach near to the house

One prayer group people bought 5 cents of land for them and with the help of many good people started to build a good house They spent almost Rs.1000000 (around 13975 US Dollar). Now they ask our help. still it needs Rs.350000 (3895 US Dollar)to finish plastering flooring plumping wiring doors windows etc.Shall we join together to finish this.